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Cocidius transports cash and other valuable assets in a discrete/ secure method. Our mission is to provide you with safety and peace of mind when transporting your valued assets. We move your cash and product in a tactical manner, ensuring a high level of discretion and unpredictable transport means.


Cocidius provides Private Investigators for overt/ covert investigations, detection of crimes, armed asset protection, surveillance/ counter surveillance, verifying people's backgrounds and statements, and finding missing persons. Cocidius investigators search for information about legal, financial, and personal matters. Our investigators are highly trained professionals with the determination and fortitude to complete any mission in an efficient and timely manner.


Cocidius offers an unprecedented level of professional security to businesses and their assets. Our guards are professionally certified, and trained armed unarmed security officers, fully licensed per state regulations, and have a law enforcement or military background. We offer around the clock armed or unarmed guard services to provide your place of business with a layer of security to deter and record suspicious activity, criminal activity, unlawful entry, and trespassing.


A certified and trained armed/ unarmed mobile security officer to provide you with continuous neighbor, place of business, or multiple location vehicle patrol. Cocidius mobile security patrol officers know to be an effective presence it requires more than just driving around in a patrol vehicle. Cocidius security patrols combine foot and mobile security patrol operating procedures to provide above the industry standard service. During security patrols Cocidius security completes patrol logs detailing what has been observed and any incidents that may have occurred during post. Cocidius security guards are trained in efficient defensive driving techniques ensuring the guard will drive with care and proper driving technique.



Cocidius Solutions Founder wants to bring security and protection to a new level of loyalty, reliability, and trustworthiness. The Founder has been apart of the overseas security contracting field over the last 5 years, and has spent 4 years in the US Army Infantry Battalion Reconnaissance Platoon. The Founder has also completed three different Department of State certified Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) training courses (PSS WPS I, WPS II, ERT). Fields of experience include: Emergency Response Team (ERT), Protective Security Specialist (PSS), Criminal Justice Training Commission Certified Instructor, Risk & Threat Assessment, Overt & Covert Surveillance, Security Operations Officer, Director of Security Operations, and Chief Operations Officer.

Founder – “Would you rather hire the typical security company that just employs high school or college graduates that are just looking for a job to hold them over? Many of whom have little to no security knowledge and experience or would you, and your employees feel more comfortable knowing that you have hired a company that brings in people with years of training and real world experiences to protect you, your employee’s, and your assets? 90% of Cocidius employee’s are Veterans, that’s where our companies knowledge and experience comes from. I feel this is what sets us apart from a majority of our peer’s and competitor’s.”


I am impressed with Eric and Mikey. This is my first experience with private investigators, but so far they have met all my expectations. I would recommend them in a heartbeat as they are professionals and care about people.

Christine H.

Private Investigation
Perfection, couldn't have been better. They are friendly, professionals, and made our project go smoothly. I would be happy recommend both of them to anyone in need of professional security. I recommend them highly!

Evans A.

Security Guard Services
I will be hiring Cocidius again in the near future. I found them to be extremely knowledgeable and straight forward. I was very satisfied with the professionalism and the time Eric took to make me feel important. He did not charge me because the time frame he gave was a problem due to staff issues. Thank you Eric and Jason!! You changed my opinion of private investigators.

Michelle N.

Private Investigation
I have never felt more secure at work! Cocidius employs veterans with exceptional customer service skills and the ability to ensure my staff and customers stay safe and happy. I encourage anyone needing security for any reason to contact Cocidius Solutions. Thanks for all you guys do.

Chandra H.

Security Guard Services


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